Yoga for Modern City Life: Yoga is by and by a Lifestyle

Yoga for Modern City Life: Yoga is by and by a Lifestyle


Is anybody stunned models are wrapping their wrists by mala spots, style fashioners are taking off to India for yoga retreats and there's a different line of dynamic wear that takes its name from the Sanskrit mantra om.


To the unenlightened, yoga is pretzel-like positions and a weak memory of the Beatles visiting the Maharishi during the 1960s.


Gurmukh Kaur, the Center for Living's white-turbaned creator, passes by limo - in an eruption of camera strobes - with one of her understudies, craftsman Courtney Love.


What she does is kundalini yoga, Ms. Love told an editorialist covering the pummel for style book of sacred writings Women's Wear Daily. It's best for me over Prozac - and the articles of clothing are wonderful, too.


Ms. Love isn't actually the solitary VIP singing the recognitions of yoga - or helping with catapulting the 5,000-year-old practice onto the bleeding edge.


Yoga Zone, a hip New York yoga studio with a half-hour show work days on connection's Health Network, has an entire file focused on the joy of yoga. Despite the expected extent of tapes, nonslip mats and reflection cushions, there are various pages of dress and additional items.


Cotton-Lycra stylish individuals are the finished Yoga Zone look for preparing and past. Spaghetti-lash robes and tie tops with subtle weaved logos come in dim, record, garnet, greenery green and other quiet yet current tones.


Without a doubt, even the pearls has a plan point: Pendant bits of adornments with the Chinese picture for clarity or the Sanskrit picture for om are made by the hot style pair Me and Ro.


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