Can You Match A Reference To The Resource Type ! Trivia Quiz

Can You Match A Reference To The Resource Type ! Trivia Quiz

Would you like to learn more about how learning and academic integrity are impacted by the internet? Take this trivia quiz and see for yourself!

#1 What is the source of most educational content on the World Wide Web?

.A. Libraries 
.B. Schools 
.C. Universities 
.D. Private tutors, etc. 

  A: Libraries are responsible for most of the web content consumed by students today.

#2 What does this mean for teachers?
A. They must remain aware of the current trends in global education. 
B. They must teach new technology skills, such as how to use Google and other search engines effectively. 
C. They must keep an eye out for students who are looking for free educational resources on the web and can't find any appropriate ones to meet their needs. 

In 2012, the National Center for Academic Integrity published a new article written by Joanna Lovett-Clarke titled "Internet Research Skills: How Can We Teach Better?". Using the method of a literature review, Lovett-Clarke's article provides educators with helpful information regarding the relationship between academic integrity and using internet search engines.

 Take this trivia quiz and learn about the challenges and opportunities of using the internet to teach students about learning and academic integrity. 
Take this trivia quiz and see how you do! [quiz funnel software]


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