What type of guy suits my personality

"Since she was a child, it had always been like that.

She would meet someone new, or watch a particular movie, or even look at a particular dress.Then you're in luck; take this quiz personality fun to find out what kind of guy would be best for you. All you have to do is answer all of the questions honestly, and we'll tell you what kind of guy you're looking for. Best wishes!

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  4. What type of guy suits my personality ?

What type of guy suits my personality

 She would think 'I want to date him', or 'I wish she would have worn that dress', or 'I would say yes to that one'. Each time she encountered someone so 'perfect', she would automatically put them into her 'ideal guy' category. 
But who is to say that girls aren't 'perfect' too?
 The fact is, most girls are pretty 'perfect' as well.

But no, it's guys she looks for. She has this strange habit of always searching for the 'perfect ones'. It doesn't matter if it's for a relative, a friend, a schoolmate, or even herself, she will always look for a guy with an ideal personality, one that will suit her idea of a perfect boyfriend.

But it doesn't work that way.

And even if it did, in the end she would probably end up unhappy, heartbroken, or completely single. And so though she was always looking for 'them', she would never be happy with 'them'.

One of the most important parts of the story is yet to come. This part will determine her final decision and ultimate path.

'Who should I stare at from now on?' she thought.

'Who should I be with from now on?'

Who is the guy that suits her personality?

'Now that she's solved the question of who she is, she must decide to stay with who is already by her side, and stay with someone that has been close to her all along, or throw away everything and begin anew.

The next step is up to her.'


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