Are You Someone With A Rare Personality!

Are You Someone With A Rare Personality!

  • Are you someone with a rare personality?
  • Do i have a rare personality?
  • How rare is your personality?

  • If you’re like many people, it might seem hard to identify with your unique personality, because there’s so much of what you do in common with other people. But just because everyone has a brain and makes decisions doesn’t mean everyone is the same. 

  • For example, some people are risk takers while others are cautious by nature. So how can you better understand your particular mix of personality traits?
  • Let’s look at the Big Five traits. These are broad dimensions of personality, and although they apply to everyone, they express themselves in different ways in different people.

  • The first dimension is Extraversion versus Introversion. How much do you enjoy being with other people compared to being by yourself? People who are high on Introversion have a lower threshold for stimulation from socializing and more strongly prefer less-noisy environments. People who are high on Extraversion have a higher threshold of stimulation and more strongly prefer the opposite: they need to be with other people and thrive in noisy environments.

  • So how do you know if you’re extremely Introverted or extremely Extraverted? You can get a sense for this by thinking about your internal world. People high in Introversion are less likely to initiate or enjoy activities that require talking, such as joining in group conversations. They might not enjoy parties or dread having to stand up and talk in front of others. People high in Extraversion enjoy lively, interactive social interactions and are more likely to initiate conversations or initiate activities in groups.
  • Another Big Five trait is Openness versus Closedness.

  •  People who score high on Openness are imaginative and open to new experiences (think Tony Stark). They also like novelty and change, including new ideas. People who score high on Closedness tend to be practical, which in turn gives them a greater focus on what is real and concrete. They tend to prefer what is known rather than what is unknown or a mystery.

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