Can You Really Name That Game! Trivia Questions Quiz

 Can You Really Name That Game! Trivia Questions Quiz

1Can you really name that game?

Can You Identify That Game?

I don't know what this means. Can you really name that game? I'm not sure what this means yet.

This page is about the famous children's game, "Can You Name That Game?" The game goes like this:     

• Hold your hand out in the shape of a question mark. 

• Encourage players to shout out a word or phrase with their open hand (not clenched fist) over your outstretched one.6 

• The first player to get your hand to touch theirs wins. Hey, wait a minute! Did you just say that it was played with the open hand? Yes, we practiced this at school, and I can remember us going back and forth. It's a great ice-breaker for kids!

Can You Name That Game? is a game played by students all over the world. The game is usually played in classrooms, during recess (if allowed), or on the playground by youngsters in elementary school (grades K-5). The word "game" is a misnomer. The game in real life is usually just a little competition between friends or classmates, not an actual game to win something.

Can You Really Name That Game? became quite popular on the internet as of as 2009. The activity grew out of a book called Can You Really Name That Game? by Chris Salgardo and published by Wiggle House Press ( It has also been translated into Spanish, French, Japanese and Russian editions. The book started off as a simple how-to guide to this activity, but has been expanded upon into an illustrated story.

In the illustrated story of the book, two children named Jake and Mike find a magic box in their school library that has been sealed up for many years. They open the box and discover several books inside.

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