Glow,Grow And Go Foods

Glow, Grow and Go Foods are grow foods that give you the glow, grow, and go! These foods are meant to be eaten as snacks because they are often higher in calories than meals. 

Glow,Grow And Go Foods

go grow glow foods usually have amino acids which help with sleep so sometimes these can also act as a bedtime snack.

Growth foods provide 

  •  your body with energy for muscle building and repair after exercise while going go grow and glow foods lesson provides quick energy when eaten before an activity or game. Most Glow, Grow and Go Foods with in this article contain protein, complex carbohydrates such as sugars or fiber, and some fat. Let's get to Glow, Grow and Go quiz food and drink questions,
  • B vitamins: Since most of these foods contain vitamin B the idea is that they can be consumed by any person to help their overall health. Vitamin B is good for your eyesight and memory so if you are struggling with focus or forgetfulness it could help example of glow foods.
  • B-6 helps regulate blood sugar levels and also plays a role in converting food into energy.
  • Some specific foods that contain vitamin B are: black beans, artichokes, tuna and turkey.
  • Good sources of minerals: Minerals are important for your body because they help in the development of bones, tissue and muscle growth. Sport drinks often have minerals like salt in them to replenish the loss you experience during exercise.
  •  However these drinks usually have more than you need so consuming other forms of food is a better alternative. Follow the list below for minerals that are found in Glow, Grow and Go Foods.
  • Iron: Iron helps with oxygen transport and is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. Fiber-rich foods can help you get more iron which is why beans are one of the best sources.
  • Calcium: Calcium helps to build bones and teeth and has a smooth muscle contractile properties so it's important to consume dairy products with calcium for proper growth. If your body cannot absorb some of the calcium from dairy products this should help you out.

This quiz is on glow grow and go foods

their importance to the body, examples, and how to eat them. The purpose of the quiz is to see if the students understand the concepts covered in the class.


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