Science Trivia Facts Quiz On Environment And Extinct Animals!

Do you know your extinction from your ecology? If not, don’t worry! We’ve put together a quick and easy quiz with twenty questions about our environment and animals that went extinct quiz science and nature.

Science Trivia Facts Quiz On Environment And Extinct Animals!

Only eleven of the twenty are about animals that are extinct. Your job is to answer them all as quickly as possible. Take no more than five minutes and do it! If you get stuck or want to review, you can go back through the quiz as many times as you like. Happy quizzing!

More than 95% of Earth’s species have been extinct since humans set foot on the continent. Here are some facts about these animals that science has discovered:

• Monster crocodiles ate dinosaurs, but they didn't eat the small ones.

• The saber-tooth tiger was four times larger than the modern lion.

• Dinosaurs were among the largest animals ever to live on Earth.

• The largest sea reptile is still swimming in the oceans today.

• Most dinosaurs were able to fly, but they didn't have wings like birds do.

• Alaska is full of islands that were once volcanoes.

• There are about 35,000 varieties of spiders, including some that live in Antarctica.

• The largest animal on Earth is the blue whale.

• Mosquito wings are like butterfly wings, but they're made of real bone and are covered with scales.

• A pregnant bird can eat 300 grams of food per day, which is the same weight as an average human baby.

• There are 35,000 different kinds of bees in the world today, and each bee eats only one type of flower for its entire life.

• Two-thirds of all the birds that have ever existed are now extinct.

Welcome to the Science Trivia Facts Quiz on Environment and Extinct Animals! The earth’s environment is changing on a daily basis, and this calls for living things to adapt to the changes or end up going extinct. How many animals do you know are extinct and the reason behind this? Do take up this quiz and get to find out for sure.


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