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Take the Trivial Pursuit quiz concerning art knowledge


Take the Trivial Pursuit quiz concerning art knowledge

Take the quiz below and see if you are a pro when it comes to art. Art is one way for us to express ourselves and to share the beauty of the world with others.

Take the Trivial Pursuit quiz funnel software concerning art knowledge!

Art is a wide and varied field, one that is difficult to be an expert in. Some people can pick up a sketch pad and make beautiful, lifelike portraits of people they’ve never met, while others can know everything there is to know about collage. The point is that every day we keep more and more things from falling into this category of knowing too much about something without being any better at it than the next person.

This is not to say that all of us are on par with artists. On the contrary, some people are far more talented than others. But, with the wide variety of genres in art, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You might not be able to draw or paint or sculpt, but that doesn’t mean you’re not artistic.

But what about people who are talented at art? What happens when they move on from their favorite medium and venture into something new? Like the craft beer connoisseur who can now find beers even more finely crafted than his favorites. Or the musician who has ventured into the world of classical. Let’s be real, what do you expect to happen? You would expect them to be much better at that new thing than they were at their old, familiar medium.

Well, that’s what happened to Austin-based artist David Staniar.