Which Doraemon Character Are You

 If you want to know which Doraemon character you are, this quiz is for you.

Which Doraemon Character Are You

Doraemon is a cat-like robot that stands at 130 cm (51 inches). It has the ability to travel back in time and appear on any date. He has a 4-dimensional pocket from which he can summon various objects, although there are some limitations on what he can bring back.

You can also take this quiz by answering some simple questions about yourself like your height, weight, age and more.

This hints to the fact that you are the Super Computer. Did you know that you are smart and great at math? You always give advice to Nobita at school, but because Nobita's grades are so low, he does not appreciate it.

Doraemon will live longer than Nobita because he has a mechanical body. He is also the only character in the series who can see Doraemon's ears when they pop out of his pocket or when they bend forward, in a funny pose.

Do you know that you can probably travel to the future? You must be curious about how the world will look like in the future and what kind of technology we will have.

Ready to find out which Doraemon character you are? Try this quiz!

Updated: 23 minutes ago 1/1/18

You got: Super Computer You scored: It's a miracle! You got all questions right! Clearly you're gifted. Your mind works like a powerful computer. You're even able to beat Doraemon at his own game, that's how smart you are. How does it feel? Let us know in the comments!

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Are you a Doraemon aficionado? Have you never missed a single episode of the show? Do any of the personalities strike a chord with you? Many people enjoy the adorable and amusing manga and animated series "Doraemon." If you're a fan of the series, try this quick quiz to find out which of the characters you're most like!

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