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The Ultimate MA Learner's Permit Practice Test!

The Ultimate MA Learner's Permit Practice Test!

  • Unlike other tests, you'll be able to see all the answers after completing the test. For a chance to get your permit, take this practice test. If you're not licensed yet, this will still help you develop the skills that are needed for success on the official exam quiz funnel software,. All of these questions are based on actual exams from New York and other states.

  • All questions have been developed by a certified instructor along with a driving school instructor for the state of Massachusetts. You will not find any vague questions here! What you read is what will show up on the exam. Before taking this practice test, please make sure you have completed all the lessons from our online driving school .

  • Getting your permit is the first step towards getting your license. Before taking this practice test, make sure you have already filled out the required paperwork and submitted it to your local RMV. Here are some tips that will help you get your permit. Get up early on the exam day so you have plenty of time to complete this test! A lot of questions are very similar, but not exact copies. If you answer all the easy questions correctly, you'll get a really good feel for the test. If you happen to miss a multiple choice question, don't worry. The computer will automatically skip that question and give you a few seconds to rest before going on to the next one. The test has been carefully programmed so that it will take about 90 minutes to complete.

Are you thinking about earning your learner's permit? This test is for students at the Central Massachusetts Safety Council Auto School (CMSC), which has locations in West Boylston, Auburn, Devens, Milford, and Northborough and serves a number of high schools in the area. Reading and studying the Driver's Manual, which is available in RMV branches and online portals, is the best approach to prepare for the test. The Massachusetts learner's permit exam is a computer-generated multiple-choice test that lasts no more than 25 minutes. To pass the test, students must properly answer 18 out of 25 questions. That's 72 percent incorrect, or no more than 7 percent.