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You’re probably asking yourself, How can I find out if I have a dirty mind? One way to do that is to take this quiz! This dirty mind quiz will help you figure out just how naughty your imagination can be. You’ll learn if you think like an old woman or if you’re more of the romantic type! Take the quiz today and see where your imagination falls on the spectrum of naughty to nice.

Do You Have a Dirty Mind? Take This Quiz!
Do You Have a Dirty Mind? Take This Quiz!

Fill in the blanks

Do you know someone who is always trying to make inappropriate jokes, or that always talks about sex, or talks about things most people think are disgusting?

If so, then that person has what we call a dirty mind. Is your mind as dirty as theirs?

Find out by taking our Dirty Mind personality quiz!

I bet you’ll be surprised at how your scores compare with other people... and even more surprised at how your score compares with different genders and age groups. Read on for some interesting results!

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Reveal your score

Your score is... Your mind isn’t quite as dirty as you thought it was. The fact that you took our quiz implies that you’re curious about your own interest in sexual matters, and taking such an interest is healthy. However, though your mind isn’t nearly as filthy as some people might think, it may not be completely free of erotica either—there are still places for improvement. Perhaps try reading more classic literature with erotic elements, like Lady Chatterley’s Lover. If there aren’t any books available to you at your local library or bookstore (or if they don’t want to see what sort of bookmarks or notes you keep on them), try checking out Amazon; many used-book sellers have great deals on first editions of classic literature, meaning you can get hold of these highly-renowned books at minimal cost.

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People have been arguing for ages whether humans are naturally good or bad, but you might be surprised to learn that it's not really as cut and dry as people think. On one hand, we have some of history's worst villains, but on the other, we have heroes who seem superhuman with their altruistic deeds. The truth is somewhere in between. Psychologists call these tendencies personality traits and they’re based on something called our Big Five personality model. (They are OCEAN: Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Introversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.) We each fit into categories for each of these traits based on how much we display certain characteristics.

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