Evening Routine to Maximize Focus

Your morning routine will get you on the right track to becoming more productive, but what about the evening?

Evening Routine to Maximize Focus
Evening Routine to Maximize Focus

Just as important as the morning routine is an evening routine that maximizes your focus and gets you ready to go to bed feeling energized instead of exhausted. Follow these steps every evening and you’ll sleep better and wake up every morning ready to go!

Morning routine

  • To start your day, block out 1-2 hours for planning your day. If you don’t have time in your morning, make sure you take an hour or two right before bed.
  • This is when our brains are at their best and allow us to process large amounts of information quickly.
  • Making a short list will ensure that you don’t forget important tasks. Take 5 minutes immediately after waking up to make note of how you feel and how much energy (or lack thereof) you have so that you can plan accordingly throughout your day.
  • You should then identify three main goals or must do items for each day; write them down on a sticky note and place it somewhere prominent, like above your computer monitor.

Nap time

I’m a big fan of naps. When I don’t get enough sleep, one afternoon nap can make me feel good as new. The key here is to keep it short—no more than 15 minutes.

If you’re exhausted, sleep for a short while and then go do something else, like taking a shower or going for a walk. This way you can maximize your focus and won’t find yourself falling asleep at your desk later in the day.

Be sure not to take too many naps—especially if you have insomnia—as they can interrupt natural sleeping patterns and end up harming your ability to fall asleep at night! Short naps are okay; it’s all about finding that perfect amount. Here's what some experts think:

Some people believe there's a sweet spot for power napping -- around 20 minutes -- that will help improve alertness without leaving you feeling groggy afterward.

Nighttime routine

Focus-Boosting Evening Routine. Focus and energy are like two sides of a coin: You can’t have one without the other.

One thing that helps you maintain focus during your waking hours is getting enough quality shut-eye every night. Here are some ideas for ways to improve your sleep so you wake up more focused and energized in the morning. 

1. Cut out all caffeine at least 6 hours before bedtime, which includes anything containing caffeine, such as tea, soda or chocolate.

To be clear, we're not talking about decaf here—even though it doesn't contain caffeine, it can still affect your circadian rhythm if taken too late at night or if you drink it close to bedtime.

Aim for no stimulants after dinner each day; a shower before hitting the hay might help ease muscle tension and make relaxation easier, but limit baths/showers since warm water will further relax you (and keep melatonin production down).

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