Play this Amazing 'What Cryptid Are You Most Like?' Quiz

Which cryptid are you most like? That's the question that will be answered in this amazing quiz! See if you're more of a Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, or something else!

Play this Amazing 'What Cryptid Are You Most Like?' Quiz
Play this Amazing 'What Cryptid Are You Most Like?' Quiz

Answer as many questions as you can in order to find out your cryptid match! This quiz gets pretty tough, so be sure to use your mouse! Good luck!

What Does This Cryptid Do in Its Daily Life?

How many hours a day do you sleep? Maybe not so much, if you're what cryptids are most like. If you answered One then you've probably got one of those nocturnal cryptids! Nocturnal cryptids tend to sleep during early daylight hours and will only wake up at night.

The rest of their days are spent relaxing or searching for food - whichever fits them best. There are many different types of nocturnal cryptids, some of which include... monkeys, lizards, raccoons, bats, elephants and even coyotes!

How Would It Kill Its Prey?

Often, cryptids are attributed with abilities that far exceed those of known animals. For example, take Bigfoot; some believe it can run up to 25 miles per hour.

  • Humans are not capable of moving at that speed over long distances or for extended periods of time.
  • Could these creatures actually exist? Some cryptids were thought to be extinct until an unusual animal was discovered in modern times. Could there be more out there like them? What do you think?
  • Take our quiz and find out! You Did It! Congrats! With your score of 99%, it's safe to say that you are most like a Yeti. Known as a Snowman (or snow creature) in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and throughout Asia, yetis appear as a very large form covered with thick fur.

What Is Its Terrifying Habitat?

According to legend, its habitat is somewhere between North America and Japan. This creature has a petrifying gaze that is said to turn its victims into stone. It’s known as Medusa! If you think you know what creature we’re talking about, then you might have already guessed it’s a member of The Gorgon Family.

When we read about them in Greek mythology, there are many myths surrounding them. There was even an entire episode dedicated to Medusa on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time series! These creatures are extremely cool looking with their unique snakes for hair, but they can also be rather vicious. In fact, most people would probably hate being turned into stone by these creatures' deadly stare-- if they existed at all.

What Country Does It Haunt?

Canada is home to some of our world’s scariest cryptids. If you’re a Canadian cryptid, you can be spotted in our northern wilds – though you’re known to trek as far south as Tennessee! Experts aren’t sure how many of these creatures actually exist.

But they do know that if one showed up in your neighborhood, it would likely be mistaken for a UFO. And it just might take off with your cat in its clutches.

Be on guard! Luckily, it appears unlikely you will cross paths with another flesh-and-blood specimen. It could turn out there are two or three more cases like yours scattered across our southern border and around nearby Great captivity.

SOURCE : Yasoquiz

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