Sneak Preview of the New Text Watermark Feature

In Google Docs, users can now add text watermarks to every page of a document. This way they can indicate whether the document should be shared publicly or privately.

Sneak Preview of the New Text Watermark Feature
Sneak Preview of the New Text Watermark Feature

It’s simple to add text watermarks, but how exactly does this feature work? Let’s take a look!

Introducing the new text watermark feature

Users can add text watermarks to their documents. This will allow Google Docs users to clearly mark their documents with different statuses, such as draft or confidential for different users.

  • This feature is currently only available for Google Chrome and does not display on mobile devices.
  • To use it, click on File > Info and select Mark as (with three dots in a circle).
  • Then type your chosen text into the box provided.
  • For example, if you wanted to make a document draft confidential, you could put DRAFT CONFIDENTIAL in brackets somewhere near your document title.

How to find and use text watermarks

The ability to add a text watermark on Google Docs may sound basic, but it's actually quite useful. In fact, one reason why professional authors or lawyers may choose to use Google Docs instead of Word is for its collaboration features and security measures.

The option to add a text watermark helps you identify who can see your document and whether it’s ready for sharing before you share it broadly.

First off, you'll want to enable editing permissions by choosing Settings > Editing options > Require invites. This will ensure only those people with whom you invite can view and edit your document.

Important notes about this new tool

It’s relatively easy to use. To add a watermark, go to File > Document settings > Security and permissions. Then, click on Add a text watermark at the bottom. The rest is fairly self-explanatory.

You can then select a font, change its size and color, choose whether you want it to appear in all pages or just some of them. You can also decide if you want Google Docs to automatically put page numbers with your document name every time you print it. Oh, one last thing: there are more advanced controls as well that we won’t cover here step by step.

How do I share confidential documents?

Sneak Preview of the New Text Watermark Feature

How do I share confidential documents?

First, find a document in your Google Drive, and click on File > See revision history.

  • This brings up a window with all versions of that document you've saved. Click on Compare across revisions to view two versions side by side.
  • You can then drag and drop text from one version to another -- or even copy it over. These edits are saved in real time, so if you make changes and someone else has opened your file (and hasn't done any editing), they'll see those changes immediately when they open their copy.
  • The new text watermark feature is only available for shared documents right now, but will be coming to individual files soon -- so if you want to try it out before anyone else does, head over to our How do I share confidential documents? post and give it a shot! If you have questions, comment below or on G Suite Updates!

Note: At Google we have permission driven sharing model meaning each person determines who may access specific content. 

So by default user need to take extra care while sharing drafts. In addition to revising content using collaborative features we recommend end users add appropriate draft or confidential labels based on organizational security guidelines and/or compliance requirements while sharing draft docs outside of organization boundaries via google drive web interface.

SOURCE : Yasoquiz

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