Who Are You Planning to Spend Valentine's Day With?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re still looking for someone to spend it with, we may be able to help! Take our quiz below to find out which of your favorite TV hotties you should be spending Valentine’s Day with this year! If you don’t have a television or don’t watch much TV, just go ahead and skip the quiz. If we really want to know who your true love is we can always use our imagination.

Who Are You Planning to Spend Valentine's Day With?
Who Are You Planning to Spend Valentine's Day With?

The Love Languages

Understanding How We Connect – Love is a complex, dynamic thing that can be expressed in many different ways. It might surprise you to learn that there are even five different types of love—known as love languages—that we each feel in distinct ways.

There’s physical touch, quality time spent together, words of affirmation (i.e., appreciation), acts of service (doing things for your partner) and gifts. Understanding how you and your partner or spouse best express love will help strengthen your bond and improve communication overall. Plus, it’s pretty handy information when it comes time to plan Valentine’s Day!

How Many Dates Before Saying I Love You?

There’s no hard and fast rule here. It all depends on you, your date, and how comfortable you feel with your partner. It also depends on what I love you means to each of you.

For some people it means a passionate, heart-stopping moment of truth; for others it can simply mean You're my person. The bottom line is that I think spending a lot of time with someone without saying I love you says more about why we’re dating than who we are as people.

What Are the Best and Worst Valentine's Gifts for Your Partner?

Who Are You Planning to Spend Valentine's Day With?
What Are the Best and Worst Valentine's Gifts for Your Partner?

When you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be tricky. It can be easy to fall into old patterns and get your partner something that you know he or she already has.
But there are so many options for V-Day gifts! This year, why not make it fun with a themed gift that shows you put some thought into it?
Here are some ideas:
If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a total wine snob (which he or she probably is), grab him or her a vintage from his or her favorite winery.
If he/she loves expensive things, find out what luxury items he/she absolutely would die for and spoil him/her rotten! And if you have no idea what your significant other likes, browse through their Instagram feed.

Romantic Outings for Different Temperaments

  • Each of us has a unique personality, with its own strengths and weaknesses.
  • These traits don’t just apply to people—they apply to couples, too.
  • In fact, psychologists talk about something called temperament match when it comes to relationships.
  • What are some ways you can find a perfect match for yourself? Take our quiz and learn what type of partner is best suited for your personality!

If Money Was No Object, What Would you Do on a Date Night?

Whether you’re planning a last-minute date or need ideas for your next amazing night together, it’s easy to get caught up in picking an expensive restaurant and talking about wine pairings.

The truth is that at some point in your relationship, money probably won’t be no object when it comes to romance. But even on tight budgets, there are plenty of fun dates you can have right now that don’t require spending a lot of money (and sometimes cost nothing at all). In fact, many of them require giving yourself over totally to your partner and getting lost in being with them. So what do I suggest?

Best Sex Positions and Sex Toys For Each Temperament

If you’re in a relationship, chances are good that you’ll be making plans for Valentine’s Day together. If not, and your goals for February 14th include having sex with a stranger or strangers, you might find yourself feeling a little more alone than usual on February 15th (unless you have friends who would like to play with one another). If that happens, here is some good news: there are lots of great resources out there with tips and tricks on how to have amazing sex.

One option is choosing an item from our favorite list of sex toys as well as which position might be best for your personality type.

Which Celebrity Would Be Best at Taking Care of You on Valentine's Day?

Based on your selections, you'll have to spend Valentine's Day with either Jon Hamm or Jeff Goldblum.

A close friend will tell you that one of these two famous faces is more appealing than his competition. Who do you think would be better at fulfilling your love needs come February 14th? And don't worry—your friends can't see your picks. This is just for fun! (And FYI: We won't use any of your info for any marketing purposes.)

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