10 Mistakes Men Make That Turn Women Off

If you’re one of the guys who’s always complaining about being unlucky in love, take heart.

Mistakes Men Make That Turn Women Off
10 Mistakes Men Make That Turn Women Off

There are plenty of things you can do to make yourself more attractive to women without drastically changing your personality or appearance. Here are ten mistakes men make that turn women off, and how to avoid them. (Content continues below ad.)

Being late

If you’re late, she won’t be so forgiving. Seriously:

  1. Next time you’re on a date with a woman, show up 15 minutes early.
  2. It can make all of the difference when it comes to being attractive to women.
  3. First, being punctual shows that you respect her time and take her seriously (big turn-on).
  4. Second, if she gets there and sees you already sitting there waiting for her, she might feel a little more relaxed and put at ease.
  5. You’ll also seem confident (also big turn-on) in your ability to arrive exactly when expected.
  6. Worst case scenario? She leaves early because she doesn't want to wait around...which is actually kind of a win!

Not paying enough attention

Chances are, if you’re trying to get a girl’s attention, it’s because you want her to look at you. And yet, a lot of guys are too busy focusing on what they want to say or how they want to act to notice that she’s not really paying attention.

Being completely oblivious can turn a woman off as quickly as starting a conversation with hey baby, what are you up to? And that doesn't mean boring her with your mindless drone either.

Paying too little attention can often be just as detrimental as paying too much—if not more so. (It's why some women take their smart phones out when in front of men).

Just standing there

Just standing there is one of the most common mistakes that men make when they’re attracted to a woman. As men, we tend to like women who are confident and comfortable in their own skin.

It doesn’t mean that you need to be constantly making jokes or coming up with witty retorts—it means actually engaging with people, asking questions and being present in conversations with friends or co-workers. Plus, we all have days where we feel under-confident—we don’t want you to have those days around us! Remember: just be yourself, keep it natural and relax; everyone will appreciate your presence more if you do.

Assuming women know they’re attractive

Many women go to great lengths to hide their attractiveness. They may not wear makeup, dye their hair, or get regular haircuts. These choices are completely normal, but they might seem mysterious to men because they don’t realize why women make these choices.

Don’t assume that a woman knows she looks good. Tell her how good she looks! You could change her day by taking notice of how pretty she is. It can be awkward and uncomfortable for a woman if you assume she knows everyone thinks she’s beautiful — but it won’t be awkward if you just tell her directly!

Going in too hard too soon

Going in too hard too soon
Going in too hard too soon

Many men make a critical mistake in their early interactions with women:
  • they either push too hard to get what they want (with sex), or try too hard to impress. The result of both behaviors is that women will see you as needy, and lose interest.
  • You don't need to come on strong when meeting new people, but do your best to relax, be yourself, and let things develop naturally instead of trying to force an outcome. Remember that being relaxed is attractive; doing things out of nervousness or desperation isn't. Talk about yourself – but not just about how amazing you are: You'll attract more women if you make them interested in getting to know you rather than just hearing about all your personal accomplishments from day one.

Moving too fast

When a man moves too fast, it’s a turnoff. If she’s interested in you, she won’t mind if you ask her out twice or three times in a week, but move too quickly and she may wonder what your real intentions are. Remember that while a woman wants to be pursued, she also wants to be treated like an intelligent human being who has other things going on in her life than waiting for a call from you. Take it slow: for most women, two dates should be about all it takes before getting into bed—and that goes for married women as well as single ones.

Talking about yourself too much

Talking about yourself is a natural urge and all people do it, but men tend to do it more than women. Talk about your accomplishments and you’ll seem arrogant; talk about your challenges and you’ll come across as needy. 

Finding a balance between what you have to offer and what’s going on in your life is key: If you focus too much on getting others to like you, they won’t trust you (and if they don't trust you, they'll find someone else to date). So unless there's a point in sharing something personal—like how working out makes me feel good or that I'm opening my own restaurant—I keep things generic. Do people get upset when I cancel plans? Yes.

Not taking rejection well

No one likes to be rejected, but there’s a huge difference between I don’t like you in that way and You are disgusting and have no self-worth. Realize that rejection is just a part of dating, not an indictment on your worth as a human being. And if you take it hard every time someone says no, then you need to find a healthier outlet for those feelings.
No matter how much someone likes you in general, there are still going to be some people who aren't interested in pursuing anything beyond friendship. Always respect rejection; even if it feels like it came out of nowhere or wasn't fair, chances are good that something about your behavior turned them off in one way or another.

Trying to be someone you’re not

Impostor syndrome is an awful feeling. You feel like you don’t deserve to be where you are, and that at any moment someone is going to figure out that you don’t really belong. Being found out as a fraud can be paralyzing and keeps you from excelling in both your personal and professional life. Learn how to overcome impostor syndrome with these 10 simple steps, including advice on how to love yourself (no matter what).

Trying to impress your date

Whether you're on a first date or have been dating for years, every guy at some point has tried to one-up his date. It's natural to want to impress your partner in an effort to get closer and become more intimate. But that doesn't mean you should start trying crazy stunts in an attempt to prove your attractiveness.
Remember, while she may be impressed initially by what you do, she'll remember it later when it comes time for intimacy and may feel creeped out by all those tricks you've pulled. Besides, being too over-the-top is a sign of insecurity – not confidence – and will have her second guessing her feelings for you before she knows it.
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