5 Signs You’re With The Wrong Person

Love and relationships don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes, when we’re dating someone we really like, it doesn’t work out the way we want it to—and that can feel really awful!

I always fall in love with the wrong person
 5 Signs You’re With The Wrong Person

It can be hard to tell if you’re with the wrong person without giving them a fair chance first, but there are certain telltale signs that you might want to give your partner an ultimatum and make them either shape up or ship out. Here are 5 signs you might be with the wrong person...

When You Don’t Feel Safe

Safety is a crucial element in any relationship, and if you don’t feel safe around your partner or in your relationship, then it may be time to evaluate what that means for you.

  1. This could mean any number of things from feeling pressured by your partner or their expectations of you to fearing physical violence or verbal abuse.
  2. If you are in a relationship where these things are present, it is important to remember that abuse is not normal and should not be tolerated.
  3. Be sure to reach out for help if needed; there are plenty of hotlines and resources available for those who need them, even when they don't know they do.

When There Are Double Standards

We all think our partners should treat us in a certain way, but we don’t always consider how we treat them. When there are double standards, it could be because you have an issue with one of your partner's qualities that you may not have a problem with when it's in someone else. For example, if your boyfriend hates when you go out with your friends and doesn't like being around them at all himself, he might secretly harbor feelings of jealousy or even resentment toward you. If that's causing problems between you two then there is an underlying cause for those feelings.

When They Don’t Treat Others Well

How to know if you are with the right person
How to know if you are with the right person

  • If they do not treat those around them well, chances are, they will treat you poorly.
  • If your partner does not value other people in their life, do not expect them to value you as well.
  • It may be very difficult for them to love others unconditionally if they cannot even love themselves.
  • If your partner has a pattern of using and abusing others, it is time to move on.
  • Love yourself enough so that you do not have to settle for anything less than respect from your partner.
  • A toxic relationship can have a negative impact on everyone in your life and when dealing with such relationships takes away from everything else in your life, it is worth making a change for everyone's sake.

When They Manipulate

Be careful if your partner tends to try and guilt you into doing things for them or if they change their attitude towards you when certain people are around. This is a classic red flag of manipulation, as is being overly possessive of you. If your loved one is constantly calling or texting to see where you are and what you're doing every hour of every day, that's also not a good sign. True love shouldn't have any strings attached; don't feel like you have to give up any part of yourself to make your partner happy.

When They Don’t Appreciate Who You Are

Not everybody is right for you, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other people out there that would love your company. If someone is repeatedly disrespectful of your goals and beliefs, they might not be a good fit. If they can’t see how awesome you are (even though you know you are), that should be a red flag to them. Don't settle for someone who won't appreciate you!

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