Trump Shares First 'Truth Social' Post, And It Looks Exactly Like Twitter

If you follow President Trump on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that his account doesn’t look the same as it used to—and that’s because he has finally joined the Truth Social.

Trump Shares First 'Truth Social' Post Twitter
Trump Shares First 'Truth Social' Post, And It Looks Exactly Like Twitter

What do we mean by this? Well, if you haven’t heard yet, Truth Social is the new social media platform being launched by former Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerburg that is being touted as being completely free of any and all fake news. And with President Trump now officially signed up as one of their users, it looks like Truth Social's launch couldn't have gone better!

President Trump Doesn't Use a Phone

I Don't Want to Look at My Dumb Phone: Despite holding an official position as leader of a highly globalized country and having access to one of world's most sophisticated communications technologies, President Donald Trump does not use a smartphone. In fact, he doesn't even own one—at least not one that he uses himself.

  1. I don't want to be looking at my dumb phone all day long, Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity during an interview in January 2017.
  2. While his comments were in reference to his fear of government agencies spying on him through smartphone microphones and cameras, it has since been confirmed that Trump does not personally own a mobile device for any purpose.

What Is Truth Social?

Truth Social is designed to be a place for Trump supporters to come together and communicate about whatever issues are on their mind.
  • There’s no advertising (so says Trump), so you can share news stories from other sites without fear of having your content removed by pesky algorithms or editorial interference.
  • In short, it looks like an unfiltered version of Twitter that only supports verified users.
  • On top of that, every post appears as if it has been hand-picked by Trump himself, so even if he misses a few days or hours in real time (he's a busy guy), you'll always have access to his approved headlines.

What happened Truth Social?

What happened Truth Social?

The president-elect officially made his first post as president-elect on Thursday morning.

Busy times! The transition team is working very hard and efficiently, he wrote.

But his tweet looked so similar to one of his typical tweets that some users thought it was a hoax. So we checked to see if there was any truth to the memes circulating.

Yep: For example, here’s how Trump posted on True News vs. an actual tweet from back in November

Is Truth Social on Android?

Is Truth Social on Android?

Yes. Truth Social is a new social network for which Trump has made repeated claims of being superior to Facebook. As was reported in early March, however, it is basically just an app that shows what your Twitter feed looks like.

The concept behind Truth Social is to give you easy access to posts that are currently trending among your friends on social media and offers a streamlined user experience compared to other popular networks.

However, by utilizing an automated layout based off of existing platforms like Facebook and Twitter instead of developing something unique and original — which would require more work — they may be making themselves irrelevant before they even get off the ground.

When can I invest in Truth Social?

Truth Social is currently raising capital. No word yet on whether its social network will be available to outside investors.

Currently you can only follow Truth Social's content if you are a member of Trump's election campaign team or Facebook friends with Trump.

However, it looks like Trump intends to roll out an IPO by mid-December 2016 at which point we assume it'll become a publicly traded company.

wouldn't recommend investing in Truth Social until that happens though as it's notoriously difficult to value private companies that have no revenue model and an unclear future business plan.

SOURCE : Yasoquiz

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