Young and Restless Taylor Jensen

Taylor Jensen has been in the television business since he was only 17 years old. Since then, he has worked hard to not only get the roles he wants, but also to become a well-rounded actor who is comfortable in all kinds of situations on and off the set. To learn more about this young and restless star, continue reading below.

Young and Restless Taylor Jensen
Young and Restless Taylor Jensen

He Lives in Colorado

At age 25, Taylor Jensen still has lots of growing up to do. While most of his friends have moved out of their parents’ homes, he has remained at home while working towards completing his degree in Business Management.

He knows it might be hard for people to believe that a young guy would choose to stay at home with his mother, but he enjoys being able to help her around the house, especially now that she is getting older. They spend a lot of time together; they watch movies together, they share stories about their days together and they love laughing together.

His Side Hustle Earned Him Enough Money to Quit his Day Job

  1. In just one year, he made over $5 million dollars by starting a business that would otherwise have taken at least five years to reach that milestone.
  2. He’s a busy man, but I managed to get him to share his story with me.
  3. You’re in for a treat. This is a guy who didn’t stop until he hit his goals—and then kept going. If you want an inspirational story of success, read on! (...)(...)

He Sold Fitness Supplements in College

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Here's How he Does it!

This youngster doesn't act his age. Meet Taylor Jensen, 19, who's been working since he was 14. At 20, he's a proud owner of two businesses: Rideshare 247 and Luxury Auto Resale. While most college students are focused on getting good grades or interning with their dream companies, Taylor is living life in his own terms; a lifestyle that's made him not only successful but happy too! Watch our video to see how young can be so wise.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

  • As an up-and-coming actor, it’s always important to keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities.
  • I recently had an opportunity to work with a famous director on a low-budget indie film; while that might sound like a dream job, I realized that because of its size and scope, it wouldn’t be the best experience for me.
  • The director's reputation was legendary, but it would be challenging to get much individual attention.
  • Instead of saying yes (because how often does anyone turn down such an opportunity?), I talked with friends who had worked with him before. They confirmed my suspicions: he was very hands off when it came to directing his actors.

How long has young and restless been running?

Young & Restless is a TV show that's been running since 1973. It has spawned multiple spin-offs and three other shows related to it, making it one of America's longest-running soap operas. According to Forbes magazine, Young & Restless was earning an estimated $200 million in ad revenue per year at its peak in 2002.

Though CBS doesn't release viewing figures for soap operas like Y&R, Nielsen data from 2011 showed that total viewership for daytime television had fallen about 30% over 20 years, from 14 million viewers per day to 10 million viewers per day.

What Gets him Going?

If you're thinking about interviewing for a sales job, there are two questions you should ask yourself. First, do I want to wake up at 7:00 am to get in an hour of practice before showing up for my 9:00 am shift? Second, can I handle being on call all day long just in case a big customer calls me? That's how it works in sales -- people depend on you to go above and beyond.

You are expected to pick up your phone anytime it rings because if you don't, someone else will. Most salesman can't stand all of that work stress; they're constantly on edge trying to close deals. They end up spending every evening studying their numbers like they're taking a final exam.

I Take Each Opportunity as an Experience

Because he’s always working on a new game, getting to talk with fans is a big part of being an athlete. I use social media as a way to meet people, he says. So many people say they wish they could go back in time. I try not to focus on what could have been, but I take every opportunity as an experience.

That’s why I say if you are given five chances at something, make it count. Just live your life as best you can with all those experiences in front of you, no matter how big or small each one is—good or bad—because that is who you are becoming every day for better or worse. Now when I read things like that ... oh wow!

SOURCE : Yasoquiz

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