Top Tips on How to Cook Spiral Ham in the Oven

how to cook spiral ham in oven
how to cook spiral ham in oven

When it comes to cooking a spiral ham, there are many different methods to use, and some are better than others. Whether you’re cooking the ham at home or in your restaurant, being able to cook the ham quickly, evenly, and with little fuss can be the difference between success and failure. We’ve put together our top tips on how to cook spiral ham in the oven so that you can cook it perfectly every time.

The simplest way of cooking spiral ham

  • Of course, it's possible to cook spiral ham without a cooking thermometer, but you'll have less chance of success than if you take care.
  • Here are some tips that will help your spiral ham turn out perfectly every time: 
  • Immerse your spiral-sliced ham in cold water as soon as you get it home from the store.
  • You don't need much water—just enough to cover it.
  • Change out any dirty water until it remains clear for about five minutes.
  • Place your ham in a roasting pan, add two cups of hot water and cover with foil; bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour or until an internal temperature of 160 degrees is reached.

The more time consuming ways

By using a meat thermometer, you can determine when your ham is finished cooking. The meat thermometer should be inserted into one of several areas on your spiral ham.

The ideal temperature for cooked ham is 140 degrees Fahrenheit at its thickest part and 160 degrees Fahrenheit at its center. Inserting a meat thermometer before putting it in the oven will help ensure that it is properly cooked before serving, instead of overcooking it while checking with a standard clock or timer (see tips below). If you do not have an oven-safe meat thermometer, use tongs to feel how hot your ham is becoming as it cooks; however, use caution because burnt fingers are never fun.

Eat it hot or cold?

Spiral ham is typically eaten cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it hot. If you have a large group of people coming over for lunch or dinner, cooking spiral ham in your oven will allow everyone to serve themselves quickly and easily.

Cooking it cold is also an option, but keep in mind that it won’t retain its flavor as well as if it were cooked hot. Instead of sitting out at room temperature all day, keep your ham tightly covered with foil and make sure everyone takes their slices straight from there. It may take a little longer for everyone to get their slice when you pull it out of your fridge instead of heating up your oven—but at least you know they’ll be enjoying flavor and texture perfection!

What can you do with leftover ham?

One of my favorite ways to use leftover ham is to make breakfast egg sandwiches. It’s so simple and I think it’s a great way to add protein without having something that tastes too hammy.

I used two slices of ham per sandwich but feel free to use more if you like. Toast your English muffins and place one slice each on them. If you want, you can add cheese, avocado or some other things—this is just my basic recipe for cooking spiral ham in oven for breakfast.

Then crack an egg into each one of your sandwiches and add salt and pepper, if desired. Then cook them over medium heat until they are cooked through (this will vary depending on how well done you like your eggs). And voila!
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