Why do women like jerks? Quiz

how to get a girl to like you
Why do women like jerks? Quiz

It’s an age-old question ir quiz that’s been asked by, well, pretty much everyone at some point or another.

  1. Why do women like jerks?
  2. Is it their personality?
  3. Their looks? Their confidence?

Why do women like jerks? Quiz

While there isn’t necessarily one definitive answer to this question test, there are some characteristics that jerks seem to have in common with women who date them.

Here are five reasons why women might be attracted to men who treat them poorly, according to body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass and psychologist Seth Meyers.


Does she really like him?

  • Before you conclude that she’s just seeing a guy for his looks or for his money, dig deeper.
  • Does she seem overly annoyed by something he says or does? If so, take note: It may not be him that she doesn’t like—it may just be something he’s doing.
  • Try not to jump to conclusions until you can put all of these questions to rest.

Does he really care about her?

Some men aren’t interested in having a meaningful relationship; instead, they just want to get laid.

  • Chances are if he isn’t spending time getting to know her and showing that he cares, it’s because he really doesn’t.
  • Women can usually sense when a guy is into them for more than just their bodies, so if you find yourself getting mixed signals from him, don’t be afraid to talk with him about what his intentions are.

How to be the nice guy

Just because she’s not falling for you doesn’t mean you have to turn into an a-hole. If she isn’t interested, there are still things you can do to be friendly, while keeping your dignity intact. For example, instead of shouting your feelings from street corners, why not send her a nice text message telling her how great she is. If possible, even better: say it in person or by phone—not via Facebook or email.

The right way to win her over

When it comes to courting a woman, most guys have a lot of trouble with it. They try really hard to please her and don’t know how to act or what to say.

The truth is that they’re not confident in themselves, which makes them come off as being fake and desperate. Women don’t want a guy who acts nice because he wants something from them; they want someone who treats them right because he genuinely cares about their feelings.

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