What cures a flu quickly?

What cures a flu quickly?
What cures a flu quickly

If you have a flu, you know that you have to fight it off quickly. Here are the most common ways to do that and how to ward off a cold for good.It’s always a good idea to stock up on essential items in anticipation of the season.

What cures a flu quickly?

Here’s how to prepare your medicine cabinet ahead of time, so you can stay healthy while your family will be keeping you company when you can’t get up from the couch.February cold and flu are more common in the U.S. than you might think. Here are some ways to keep these sicknesses at bay.

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What are the 3 ways to fight flu?

Despite common misconception, there are many alternatives that can help you to fight against an oncoming flu.Though there may be a number of ways to fight a cold or flu, the most important thing you should know is that no one cure is faster than the other. One indication that one of the 3 cures for your influenza could work for you is if you feel better almost immediately.

  1. Asthma is one of the three illnesses that a decongestant could cure or relieve. However, it only works when you take them within 24 hours of the symptoms.
  2. Influenza, another illness that decongestant could relieve, later is why it is advised that you have your flu shot, but we can also recommend breathing first.It is also reported that most people tend to remember the flu better than your asthma, but in the case of asthma, it is the only illness for which antihistamines are suggested.
  3. Stuffy nose is the primary complaint from all. In fact, as it is so common, it is believed that it is caused by the airway obstruction from the inflammation. If the airways are blocked, the dusts and pollens could penetrate to the lungs and cause allergic reaction. But, if this occurs

What is the fastest home remedy for flu?

They say a good cold cure is to avoid alcohol, caffeine and fatty foods for those first 24 hours. But then, the best home cure for flu goes to take a good, long, hot shower. The best time to use this home remedy is the first day. Just like a cold, the hot bath seems to help reduce the symptoms and many argue that they are better able to recover. Many find that a gentle warm bath can detox the body's liver and get your respiratory system moving again. Furthermore, it is good to take a nice soothing hot bath when you have the flu as it will relax you. If there are no children or pets in the home, soak in a hot tub or a large bathtub filled with hot water. As an added benefit it can even help you sleep better. Colds, coughs and colds: Dr. Frankel discusses this home remedy in her book entitled "Naturally Curing the Common Cold". There are myriad ways to help alleviate a cold and these include using any one or more of the following: Honey gargles, a unique remedy used by practitioners of Ayurveda, which I hope to cover in a forthcoming newsletter. Baths For your cough and cold you might try the following remedies: First drink one cup of hot water,then mix one teaspoon of baking soda or baking powder in the amount of one pint of lemon juice or tea. As the thermos.

What medicine is best for the flu?

Finding out the fastest answer is crucial, and so is having a cure for the flu in your hands. Read on to find out how you can combat the flu with some common household items!1. Drink lots of coffee. Though caffeine isn't the most effective treatment at fighting the flu, it's the quickest and mostly trusted method if you're looking for a cure. And coffee isn't the only thing you can do to boost your immune system and keep the viruses at bay.

Other natural coffee substitutes include green tea, some teas made from oolong and black tea, but not chai.2. Use a spray net-ceramic-heated bath. A humidifier and/or a net in the bathroom are often used as a flu remedy, but you can also use a ceramic bowl heated by a heating pad/ceramic disk. And don't forget some lavender essential oil!3. Similar to the above, inhale some steam! There's nothing better than taking a steam inhalation while you're busy in the bathroom. Boiling water in a metal or plastic pan in the bathroom will let you inhale the steam and get your immune system on a better track to mount a more active fight against the flu.4. Ask your doctors for Tamiflu. It's an antiviral medicine that can help you fight the flu, if you get it early enough and effectively enough.

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