Is Ronaldo Retirement Imminent? Why is CR7 on the Bench?


Is Ronaldo Retirement Imminent? Why is CR7 on the Bench?

The footballing world was stunned when superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, better known as CR7, was benched for his team's last match.

Is Ronaldo Retirement Imminent? Why is CR7 on the Bench?

This has sparked speculation that Ronaldo may be on the brink of retirement. It's a sad thought for fans of the Portugal international, but could it be true? In this blog post, we'll take a look at why Ronaldo was benched and consider whether his retirement is imminent.

Speculation About Ronaldo's Retirement

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia came to an end for Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal after their heartbreaking 1-2 loss to Uruguay in the Round of 16. Portugal was making its way to the quarterfinals of the tournament, but their hopes were dashed after a dramatic late goal from Uruguay's Edinson Cavani. Following the match, Ronaldo seemed to confirm his international retirement by tweeting Yesterday the dream ended with a picture of him celebrating a goal at the Morocco World Cup quarterfinal in 2022. 

  • While the world waits to find out if Ronaldo is truly retiring from international football, there's no doubt that this could be the end of an era. With four Ballon d'Ors and five Champions League titles, Ronaldo has certainly left his mark on the world of soccer.
  • Even though he's now 36 years old and coming off a disappointing season with Real Madrid, his resume still speaks for itself. However, it seems like Ronaldo wants more than just club success before he calls it quits on the international stage. In fact, Ronaldo revealed in a recent interview that he will only retire when his body tells him it's time. 
  • What does this mean for Portugal? Well, we don't know what Ronaldo plans to do or if he'll even follow through with his tweets. What we do know is that every country will feel the absence of one of the most iconic players ever, including Portugal who can surely use all the help they can get as they gear up for Euro 2020 qualifiers next month against Bulgaria and Serbia.

Cristiano Ronaldo says 'it's not over' and downplays speculation about retirement

The Morocco World Cup quarter-final between Portugal and Uruguay marked the end of Cristiano Ronaldo's dream of winning the tournament. After the game, Ronaldo seemed to confirm that this was his final World Cup campaign, saying: It was my last match in the national team... It’s not over yet. I'm sure the Portuguese will continue to win, but unfortunately, my cycle is finished here.

His comments came after he was benched for the entire match, which has led to speculation about whether or not he's considering retirement from international football. While Ronaldo refused to confirm or deny those rumors, he did suggest that he might be moving away from the Portuguese national team.

  1. It's uncertain what lies ahead for Ronaldo, as he is currently one of the most decorated footballers in history and still plays at a very high level. With his experience, skill, and leadership, there's no doubt that he would continue to be an asset to Portugal if he decides to stay on. But, with the Morocco World Cup quarter-final being his last match in the national team, it could be time for Ronaldo to hang up his boots and focus on other endeavors. Even though he hasn't confirmed anything, speculation continues to mount around his future career.
  2. There have been many reasons given for why Ronaldo didn't play on Wednesday - some speculate that head coach Fernando Santos was trying to rest him for the next game; others believe that Santos made a mistake by starting him against Morocco; and finally, some think that Ramos' words got back to Ramos and caused him to be benched because of tension within the squad. Whatever the reason, all three have led people to speculate about whether or not CR7 is retiring soon.

Ronaldo fails again in likely last chance to win World Cup 

  • In what was likely to be the last chance for the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, known as CR7, to win the FIFA World Cup, he faced off against Morocco in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, the outcome was not in his favor and he was unable to lead his team to victory. Ronaldo had several chances to score but failed to convert them into goals. This put Portugal's hopes of advancing further in the tournament in doubt. As a result, Ronaldo was benched and his future with the national team is uncertain. While there is no official word yet on whether or not he is retiring, it appears that this might be his last chance to make a mark on the World Cup stage.
  • What are your thoughts on why Ronaldo was benched and do you think he will retire if Portugal loses to Uruguay in the next round? In my opinion, I don't think Ronaldo is going to retire from playing soccer just because Morocco beat Portugal in the World Cup Quarterfinals. He has never been beaten before when it comes to football (except for one instance). Plus he does seem like a very competitive person who loves playing football even when he doesn't want to admit it. So I'm expecting him to come back and try again even after this tough loss!

Ronaldo Needs a Rest

It seems that Ronaldo's suspension from the UEFA Champions League may be a blessing in disguise for Juventus. The Portuguese star was initially sent off in the match against Valencia, and was handed a one-match ban as a result. This has left him unable to play against Manchester United, but could prove to be beneficial for the team in the long run.

The rest will give Ronaldo the opportunity to recharge his batteries after a tough year of competition in which he competed in the World Cup in Russia and led Portugal to the quarterfinals of the Morocco World Cup. His performance was remarkable, but it also took its toll on his body. Allegri feels that this break will help Ronaldo avoid further injuries and make sure he is in peak condition for Juve's next match. 

Without Ronaldo, the squad will have to show their ability to cope without the star player, and could even benefit from a different approach when playing with a slightly different formation. In any case, Allegri is confident that the team can put in a strong performance and make up for Ronaldo's absence. We are not going to dwell too much on the departure of Cristiano, Allegri said.I think what is most important is that we stay united and close together.

  • Morocco World Cup Quarter In terms of Morocco World Cup quarter, Ronaldo performed admirably at the start of the tournament before having to depart due to an injury.
  • His standout performance showed just how crucial he was to Portugal's success, and proved how crucial experience is when facing such high level opposition. While they might still miss out on being able to reach the semi-finals if they were lucky enough - being unlucky in front of goal cost them dearly - Morocco World Cup quarter still saw Portugal advance through to face Uruguay for fifth place rather than sixth position. 
  • s Argentina exited in yet another tournament without winning anything - albeit deservedly so this time round - their legend Messi struggled and failed under pressure. He too missed some clear opportunities that would otherwise have resulted in goals had he been more clinical, showing a side of himself which had not been seen often before now at international tournaments.

Why is Ronaldo benched? Portugal drop forward for Morocco World Cup quarter

The Morocco World Cup quarter-final marks the second consecutive game that Ronaldo has been benched by Portugal manager Fernando Santos. This decision has raised speculation that Ronaldo may be considering retirement.

Why is Ronaldo benched? Portugal drop forward for Morocco World Cup quarter
Is Ronaldo retiring?

The 37-year-old forward had started all three matches in the group stage but was dropped for the knockout stages against Uruguay and Switzerland. The Portuguese star has not been able to make a mark in the last two games as his replacement Goncalo Ramos has scored a hat-trick in their 6-1 victory over Switzerland.

  1. While the decision to bench Ronaldo could have been influenced by his reaction to being substituted in the 2-1 defeat to South Korea, it does raise questions about his future with the team. Could this be a sign that the famed CR7 is considering retirement? Fans will have to wait and see what happens as Portugal take on Morocco in the World Cup quarter-finals. It's clear that there's no love lost between Morocco and Portugal after Morocco eliminated them from the 1994 world cup.
  2. But it would appear that Portugal are still favourites to win due to their better form and superior tactics in recent matches. They also have Cristiano Ronaldo on the roster - who knows what he might do if given enough chances up front? We'll just have to watch out for him when he comes off the bench, like always!
  3. The Morocco World Cup quarter-final will be an interesting match to watch, and many are curious to see if Ronaldo can find his form and make a difference. This is an especially crucial game for him as he has been benched twice in a row. Fans will be watching to see if he has still got it or if this could be a sign that he is indeed considering retirement. The outcome of this match will determine the fate of Portugal in this tournament, and perhaps even Ronaldo's career!

Is Ronaldo retiring?

Ronaldo is one of the most beloved footballers in Brazil, and there was shock when it was announced that he would be benched for the Morocco World Cup quarter-final match. Many wondered if Ronaldo was retiring from international football.

The Brazilian forward has been quick to reassure his fans that this is not the case. Ronaldo insists that he is still committed to helping the team reach their goal of winning the World Cup, and he has no intention of retiring anytime soon. He was simply given a rest by his coach, Tite, to prepare him for the remainder of the tournament. 

Although Ronaldo has been absent from the pitch during this quarter-final match, his presence is still felt in the stadium. The passionate cheers and chants of the crowd make it clear that they are still behind their national hero and hope to see him back on the field soon. 

No matter what happens at this World Cup, Ronaldo will remain an icon in Brazil and a beloved figure around the world. As he remains focused on the upcoming matches, we can all be sure that Ronaldo's absence from the pitch for this quarter-final match does not signify his retirement from international football. In order to make up for lost time, many supporters will be tuning in next week to watch as Portugal faces France in the World Cup semi-final match. Whether or not Ronaldo makes a comeback after this week's break remains unclear, but Portuguese supporters are holding out hope that CR7 may return just before Sunday’s final game against France.

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