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Cancer-causing impurity found in blood pressure medication-yasoquiz
A recall notice from the U.S . Food and Drug Administration notes that there might be high levels of impurities that could cause cancer. Th...
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New Halloween movie 2021-yasoquiz
Halloween is a holiday that entertains and entices people to dress up as their favorite characters and watch movies. This holiday has been...
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artificial intelligence act - yasoquiz.com
There has been a lot of talk about AI becoming self-aware and challenging humanity for dominance , but this fear is really just that: fear....
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4 Money Moves That Are Better Than Refinancing-Yasoquiz
First, a refinancing loan can help you slash your monthly payments while floating to the top of the line of new payments. This is often cal...
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Yik Yak returns from the dead - yasoquiz
It's ragged, ugly, and only marginally functional. But it works again . Yik Yak is back from the dead and better than ever! After str...
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