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An online history quiz with random historical questions
 There are many different types of quizzes that are available on the internet. Some are simple, with just a few questions that you have to ...
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The Ultimate MA Learner's Permit Practice Test!
Unlike other tests, you'll be able to see all the answers after completing the test. For a chance to get your permit, take this practice...
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Take the Trivial Pursuit quiz concerning art knowledge
  Take the quiz below and see if you are a pro when it comes to art. Art is one way for us to express ourselves and to share the beauty of t...
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History Quizzes & Questions! Test Your Historical Trivia Knowledge-yasoquiz
What are some good history questions? Which is oldest religion in world? This (and many more great history questions! ) can be found here: H...
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Can You Match A Reference To The Resource Type ! Trivia Quiz
Would you like to learn more about how learning and academic integrity are impacted by the internet? Take this trivia quiz and see for yours...
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How Cliche Is That Book!
Finally. The day had come, the first day of school. I have been waiting for this moment for what seems like an eternity. yet I still felt as...
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What Is The Perfect Gift For Your Best Friend Quiz
  Found out what is the perfect gift for your best friend or the girlfriend?  Sure, you can always get a gift card for your friend at aff...
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How Weird Are You ?
  I was wondering how weird you are, have you have ever wondered why I'm weird?  What is the character that being looked like me?  Watch...
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